Very good

Extreme Skater is a fun and addictive arcade game where you race through levels performing tricks by using the accelerometer.

The game is partially a racing game and arcade game because there is a start and finish to each level. As you play, you earn points for tricks and collect coins. Coins are used to purchase new tricks and boards.

Visuals in Extreme Skater are not the most detailed, but they allow the game to flow at a great speed. The environments have a cartoon look, and the same goes for the character you play. There are not a lot of animations in the game, and a lot of the time you are focused on the orientation of your skater.

Gameplay is controlled primarily through the accelerometer of the device to control angles in Extreme Skater. There are buttons on screen to grab, and other moves are performed by swiping the screen. It is an easy system to become accustomed to.

Extreme Skater is a great casual game that has a lot of addictiveness in the gameplay. The constant ads can become annoying, but the game does not suffer from it.

Extreme Skater is a perfect arcade game for quick sessions.

Extreme Skater


Extreme Skater 1.0.6

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